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Sewing Accessories

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Solving the Pattern Size Problem
from Julie Mueller

The article explains how to take a pattern for one size doll & enlarge or reduce it (using a photocopy machine) to fit another size doll. In this booklet is a scaling chart for dolls from 6" to 46"! Nw you can re-use all your doll patterns & dress every doll in your collection! For those of you with smaller dolls, such as Betsy McCall or larger dolls, such as MyTwinn, here's the solution to your pattern woes.


Mini Ironing Board. Fills a long-standing need for all those who design & sew for dolls. Includes padding & cover. Minimal assembly required (no tools needed). 4" H x 9" L exclusive of base.


Overall Buckles. Includes two buckles & buttons.

PN7010S (Silver)...$3.95

PN7010A (Antique Bronze)...$3.35

Little Zippers. We have little metal zippers in small sizes. Great price!

PN5106P - 6 Inch Zipper (Pink) $.45
PN5106B - 6 Inch Zipper (Blue) $.45
PN5109P - 9 Inch Zipper (Pink) $.45
PN5109B - 9 Inch Zipper (Blue) $.45
PN5115P - 15 Inch Zipper (Pink) $.45
PN5115B - 15 Inch Zipper (Blue) $.45

White Zipper Plastic Teeth - Comes In 6 Sizes
White 2" - PN4102W...$.45
White 2 1/2" - PN41025W...$.45
White 3" - PN4103W...$.45
White 4" - PN4104W...$.45
White 5" - PN4105W...$.45
White 6" - PN4106W...$.45
Pink Zipper Plastic Teeth - Comes In 3 Sizes
Pink 2" - PN4102P...$.45
Pink 3" - PN4103P...$.45
Pink 4" - PN4104P...$.45

Separating Zippers.

3" Separating Zippers
PN45003W (White)...$1.70
PN45003K (Black)...$1.70

4" Separating Zippers
PN45004W (White)...$1.70
PN45004K (Black)...$1.70

5" Separating Zippers
PN45005W (White)...$1.70
PN45005K (Black)...$1.70

6" Separating Zippers
PN45006W (White)...$1.70
PN45006K (Black)...$1.70

Kilt Pin. Looks great on skirts. Gold plated. 3 Sizes Available
1" x 1/4"
2" x 1/2"
2" x 3/4"

Doll Snaps. 1/4" Size. Comes with setting tool and 50 snaps.

PN1400M (Different Colors)...$20.00
PN1400S (Silver)...$15.00

Concho. One inch silver concho is perfect for that southwestern look.


Clear Elastic. This elastic is clear & 2/3 thinner than regular elastic - perfect for doll's sleeves, waistbands & legs. It stretches 3 times it's original length & snaps back to it's original size. Use it just like you would regular elastic only this one is "clearly" better (pun intended)! 1/4" x 7 yds.


1/2 yard 3/8" Hook & Loop. Our Hook & Loop (Velcro) comes in a variety of colors & is very soft & flexible, just perfect for your doll's garments. It is packaged in 1/2 yard segments.
PN4300K (Black)...$ .75
PN4300W (White)...$ .75
PN4300R (Red)...$ .75
PN4300N (Navy)...$ .75
PN4300P (Pink)...$ .75
PN4300B (Light Blue)...$ .75
PN4300I (Beige)...$ .75
PN4300 (1 of each color)...$5.25

Little Buttons. These tiny buttons come in sets of 10 & a wide variety of colors. The buttons are approximately 1/4".
PN7000W (White)...$ .75
PN7000I (Ivory)...$ .75
PN7000K (Black)...$ .75
PN7000R (Red)...$ .75
PN7000N (Navy)...$ .75
PN7000Y (Yellow)...$ .75
PN7000P (Pink)...$ .75
PN7000B (Brown)...$ .75


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